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gurney transportation - how does it work?, and how much it cost?


How does Gurney Transportation work?

When it comes to gurney transportation, has to be done very carefully, due to this process require to pay close attention to the very details. When a person is bed-bound, cannot be transported in a wheelchair, requires to go to a doctor's visit, Hospital ER, dialysis, or any other medical facilities, that is when a person needs to be transported on a gurney.

First able, the member is transferred from his/her bed to the gurney, using transfer sheets (manual stretcher) or transfer boards, then carried to the outside of the house /facility/room, into a non-medical transportation ambulance. The ambulance has an autolocking system on the side, where the gurney is secured. When arriving at the hospital or doctor's office, the certified gurney operators roll the gurney inside the facility and awaits for the member to be admitted and transferred to the hospital bed or gurney. At this point, the gurney operators wait until the appointment is over, the member is transferred back to the gurney, and then transported back to their home or facility.

How much gurney transportation cost?

Well, it depends on specific factors like the condition of the patient, the accessibility of the bed-bound person, traveling distance, time of the day, and any special accommodations needed. Prices varies from $99/trip base rate + $2.50-$3.75 per mileage.

Can a caregiver or a nurse ride along the passenger?

Yes, they can - Our non-emergency transportation ambulances are able to accommodate up to 2 more companions without an extra charge.

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